This tree has a high respect in Tamil Culture. It is natural, then, to call it a `karpaha` or celestial tree, because all its parts without exception could be used by man.
we strive for responsible and sustainable solutions. We work toward successful integration and – whenever possible – for the fulfilment of the wish to return home.
Following the success of this new method of red onion cultivation theMinistry of Agriculture is now looking at further improving red onion cultivations, with these seedlings in the Jaffna peninsula as well.
jaffna women still Are the reservoirs and transmitters of cultural knowledge In their communities.

Citizen Charter

District Secretary/Government Agent



Nagalingam Vethanayahan

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Livelihood Assistance for rehabilitated families in Jaffna

13 December 2018
Livelihood  Assistance for rehabilitated families in Jaffna

The livestock for the value of six hundred thousand rupees were provided. To 37 families of rehabilitated persons in Jaffna using the ford allocated the ministry of Resettlement, Rehabilitation, Northern Development and Hindu Religions Affairs. This event was coordinated by Socio Economic and Welfare office of Jaffna and held on...

Feasibility Report on Cashew Cultivation in jaffna Peninsula

03 January 2019
Feasibility Report on Cashew Cultivation in jaffna Peninsula

    The cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale) is a tropical evergreen tree that produces the cashew seed (nut) and the cashew apple. It can grow as high as 14 m (46 ft), but the dwarf cashew, growing up to 6 m (20 ft), has proved more profitable, with earlier maturity and higher yields.  The species is originally native to northeastern Brazil....

National Productivity Awards Results - 2016/2017

10 January 2019

National Productivity Awards Results - 2016/2017  national productivity award competition organized by National Productivity Secretariat introduced in Public Sector, School Sector and Manufacturing & Service Sector across the country. District Secretariat Jaffna has won the second place in the island-wide National Productivity awards for 2016/2017 year under the Public Sector...

71st National day Celebration

07 February 2019
71st National day Celebration

   The 71st National Independence Day.  The 71st National Independence day was celebrated at the venue specially prepared in front of the District secretariat Jaffna. The Government Agent hoisted National flag at 8.45am. Mr.N.Vethanayakan Government Agent, Additional Government Agent, Staff of the District Secretariat, religious dignitaries, three service commanders, students...



Prime Minister Visit Venue :  District Secret...

Kachchativu being a small distant island of 1.15 sq. kilometers located 20 km away from the Delft island with no humans habitation. However, the fishing community has used this island over the years in order to mend their fishing gear, after sterenuous venture out at sea. Incidentally, the small St. Anthony’s Church in Kachchativu had become their place of reverence during such visits.

According to the records of archaeologists,  Kachchativu island had emerged from water over 115,000 to 130,000 years ago. The Portuguese had first administered this island nation and Sri Lanka has been exercising sovereignty and jurisdiction over Kachchativu and its adjacent waters since 1974 kachchativu Agreement.

This year Kachchativu Annual festival;

Total Sri Lankan Devotees        -     6,404

Total Indian Devotees              -    1,923

Total Indian Boats                    -    62

Total Sri Lankan Boats              -    More than 300

Mass in Sinhala

Bishop of Gall, Rev. Raymond Wickramasingha

Mass in Tamil

Bishop of Jaffna, Rt. Rev. Dr. Justin B. Gnanapragasam

In charge of the feast

The Parish Priest of Delft, Rev.Fr. Emil Paul

Special Invitees

Rear Admiral Jayantha De Silva, Commandar Northern Naval Area.

Mr. Nagalingam Vedanayaham, G.A. Jaffna.

Mr. Nadarajan, Indian High Commission Consulate Jaffna.