Administrative Structure



Ministry Directives are received at the District Secretariat, having seen by the Government Agent, with his instructions endorsed, comes down the line to the relevant Staff Offices / Sectional Heads for attention. If necessity arises where a report has to be obtained from the relevant divisional secretaries, such Directives are referred to them calling for a report on the matter in Question for transmission to the ministry concerned.

In the Case of administrative reforms, such Directives are passed on down the line for implementation.

Jaffna District

Administrative Structure of Jaffna District is divided into 15 Administrative Divisions.There are 435 Grama Officers Divisions, 17 Local bodies (Municipal council-1, Urban councils - 3 and Pradeshiya saba-13) are functioning in Jaffna District.Activities of the Local Bodies are Water Supply and Drainage, Health and Maternity, Clinics, Community Centers,Public Libraries and Rural Roads etc.Other Institutions such as Education, Health, Postal, Registrar, Police, Fisheries ect., have their own Divisions in the District. Education Department divided the District in 5 zones which are further divided into 15 Education Divisions, Health Department have 1 1MOH Divisions. Postal Department have 20 Post Office Divisions which are further divided into several Sub-Post Office Divisions etc.‘The District is ably administrated by Government Agent/ District Secretary.